Does Health Insurance Cover Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is not only used to make people look good. It many cases, it is necessary or the patient’s well-being. These cases are called reconstructive surgeries. It means that a part of the patient’s body has been damaged and need to be repaired. Most insurance agencies will cover a lot of reconstructive surgeries.

In order to be covered, any plastic surgery must be necessary for the patent’s well-being. For example, plastic surgery of the nose is covered only if it is meant to clear the respiratory ways, thus allowing the patient to breath. An insurance agency will pay for plastic surgery for lips, if their actual state prevents the insured from eating.

These reconstructive procedures are usually necessary for people who were involved in an accident. However, the doctor needs to convince the agency that the plastic surgery is necessary from a medical point of view. There are many cases where reconstruction of the skin was not covered because it served only a cosmetic purpose, even though the person was involved in a serious accident.

Breast reconstruction is covered after mastectomy. This procedure is required by law if the woman’s breasts had to be removed because of cancer. Breast reduction surgery is covered only if the weight of the breast can damage the woman’s back.

There is one big exception which is covered by most agencies: weight-loss surgery. People who suffer from obesity are in danger of facing many other medical complications. If they are insured, most future medical expenses will be paid by the agency. In this case, a weight-loss surgery can save the insurance company a lot of money. However, not everyone can qualify for this procedure. Only people how suffer from severe obesity and their health is in great danger may get coverage for such a surgery. Will the skin reconstruction procedure be covered? No, unless it is necessary. Saggy skin, in most cases, does not endanger your life, so it is not covered.

What about plastic surgery for the sake of looking good? Is there any agency that covers such procedures? I am sorry to disappoint you, but no. it is highly unlikely that you will find any health plan to cover plastic surgeries that serve only a cosmetic purpose. So, if you want to make your nose a bit smaller, or lips a bit bigger, you’ll just have to pay for it out of your own pocket.

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