Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Term Plan

Having dependants is a matter of responsibility and we need to ensure that we take this up well. Earning enough financially, offering a good quality of life and taking good care of your family dependants is the major aspect of this responsibility. But the responsibility does not just end here. You also need to ensure that the dependants in your family are also taken care of ...
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Protect Your Life, Hire an Insurance Agent

If you've ever been in a car accident that was more than just a little fender bender, or if your house or residence has ever been burglarized, you know better than most people how important insurance agents are. If your place gets burglarized, you almost never recover what was stolen. The costs to replace the things that were taken can be more than you can afford all at once, b...
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Signs of a Quality Insurance Company

The insurance company you choose to protect you from loss in the event of an accident or situation needs to be a trustworthy one. Know what to look for as you analyze and examine different companies and policies to ensure that you choose the right coverage. Positive Ratings Rely on the assessments of the rating companies, whose purpose is to analyze the quality and financ...
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Life Insurance Myths and Facts

Life insurance as part of an overall financial portfolio is rife with mythology and misinformation. In this article, I will address some of the myths that continue to circulate and provide useful information to help consumers make some rational decisions on the purchase of this important personal asset. In an earlier article ("Why Buying Term and Investing the Difference is ...
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